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Chain Token was originally launched in November 2021 through a successful audit from CertiK, a reputable smart contract security firm, with a total supply of 100,000,000. A copy of the original Tokenomics document can be found here:

As specified in the original distribution documentation, 50% of the supply was allocated to Sequence users. A retroactive distribution was made to all Sequence users, excluding users from the United States of America and other OFAC restricted regions, who were able access these tokens through their assigned registered Ethereum address. Any Chain Token that was not claimed by transferring CHN to their own digital asset wallet will by March 1, 2022 was subsequently burned and the claim system deprecated. This resulted in over a 30% burn of the total supply of Chain tokens.

Thereafter a re-denomination of Chain token occurred, which split the token 1,000 Chain tokens per one burne. The new Chain Token ticker became XCN. The current distribution of the 68,895,442,185 tokens are as follow: